Derived from the word “nahar” meaning “day”, the dish regarded as a delicacy was served at breakfast before the Emperor and Nawabs of the Sub-continent after morning prayers who then ate till content and slept until afternoon. Made from beef shank and spices, the stew was cooked overnight in large vessels buried underground resulting in extremely tender morsels of meat including the flavorful bone marrow. Also served as a meal for laborers, the pungent aroma of different spices, gave them much needed warmth in the cold season.

Today, Nihari is considered as the national dish of Pakistan. A combination of deeply flavored, earthy meat cooked in Kausar’s spice mix with fresh zest of the toppings; coriander leaves, fried onions, green chillies, strips of ginger and white radish, pinch of garam masala, salt and lemon slices. The dish is served along side cooked brain and fried bone marrow with hot tandoori naan.