Signature dish of the subcontinent, this lip smacking chicken is served in almost all desi restaurants across the globe where it’s thoroughly enjoyed for its unique taste and smokey flavor. Marinate the chicken in Kausar’s aromatic spice and yogurt mixture. Once well rested, the chicken is skewed on a skewer and heated in a traditional clay oven “tandoor” till golden red. The chicken can also be roasted and grilled in a regular kitchen oven or cooked in a deep bottom pan till the water evaporates and then smoked with burning charcoal. No matter what cooking method used, this chicken is surly a mouthwatering treat.

Originating from “angithis” of the streets of Bihar, this dish is a hot favorite of all barbecue food lovers. Beef pieces are marinated in traditional Kausar seasoning and herbs, left to rest for a few hours before its skewered on the barbecue grill. Meat is softer in texture and taste best when served hot with mint chutney.