From the land of the Arians to the imperial spreads of the Mughal Emperors & Nawabs, Biryani has a story of its own. It’s aroma, look and richly taste doesn’t just trigger the taste buds; it fulfills one’s desire of a wholesome and pleasurable meal. Prepared with the richness of flavorful spices, yoghurt, basmati rice and soft succulent meat, Biryani has made its way to the kitchen of millions of homes and restaurants across the globe.

Derived from the Persian word “birinj” meaning rice or “beriyan” to fry or roast, Biryani is mainly prepared using any of the two methods: “pakki” cooked meat and cooked rice are layered or “kacchi” raw marinated meat is layered with rice. Traditional cooked with Mutton or Lamb, the meat is infused with a spicy yogurt marinade layered at the bottom of the pot, potatoes are often added and then covered with a layer of rice. The pot lid is sealed with wheat dough so that its aroma, flavor and texture of the meat and spices are not only stopped from escaping; it is also spreads through the rice known as “dum” style of cooking.

Biryani cooked using Chicken, Beef, Fish, Prawns or even Vegetables also tastes as delicious. Served hot with fresh salad and raita, this wholesome meal is truly a feast fit for a king.