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An enterprise of Maria Enterprise, Kausar spices was established in 2002 with the sole aim of making available the true and authentic flavor of Pakistani cuisine in every single household nationally and internationally.


Providing aroma and flavour without the use of artificial ingredients. Our claims at Kausar Spices aim to promote the use of organic and natural ingredients all over the world, not just our brand. Our Spices transport you back to their traditional roots in order to provide you with a burst of flavour like you’ve never tasted before. Our influence has not only swept Pakistan, but it is now spreading internationally, setting a new standard for premium Eastern spices.


Our goal is to supply the world’s food industry with the most flavorful spices made from natural and organic ingredients. At Kausar, we use traditional methods to grind and mix all spices, ensuring that they retain their original state and provide an incredible sense of smell when used. We not only avoid adding preservatives and artificial flavours to the mixtures, but we also strive to keep all processes clean and sanitary. Kausar ensures that all food safety measures are followed in order to provide you with the Best End Product possible. 


Haji Abdul Majeed, our late founder, began working in the industry in 1986 as a wholesaler of spices in Karachi’s famous Jodia Bazar. His success led to the establishment of the Kausar Spices brand in 2001. Today, Kausar Spices produces over 300 products, including Recipe Mixes, Plain Spices, Desserts, Pickles, Pastes, Sauces, Vermicelli, Fried Onion, Salt, and a wide variety of Whole Spices. With its authentic and traditional flavors, Spice Kausar has built its way into the hearts of every Pakistani as one of Pakistan’s premium producers of Spice.


Maria Enterprise Private Limited, formerly known as Shahzaib Food Industries from 2001 to 2020, was founded in 2021. Maria Enterprise is a well-known name in Pakistan’s spice industry as one of the largest exporters and processors of spices, as well as being ISO 9001 certified.

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